Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Biloxi Schooner

Location: Biloxi, MS
Date: Feb 27, 2010

The chicken had a rich, tangy flavor. The onions provide needed enhancements to the simply made grilled chicken. The flavor from the onions, and other sauces made rice rich in texter with hearty flavor. At times, the chicken was a little too fatty.

The veggie medley was a straightforward mix of unseasoned cauliflower, carrots and brocoli.

The fried okra was in an underwhelming item, with a faint salty flavor enveloping a semblance of the okra.

Ninja note that this review was limited due to religious reasons - Ninja has taken vows not to eat sellfish, thus ninja is unable to appropriately test the menu.

Service was friendly and accommodating. The ambiance was casual, and the customers seemed regulars. Picutres of various sboats enhanced the experience

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