Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinatown Express 6th & H NW Wash DC Feb 24 2010

The roast duck was a smidgen too salty, though had sufficient smoky flavor with note of oak. The roast duck had a remnant of actual meat overwhelmed in a sandwich of fat and skin.

The soup was somewhat bland, lacking pizzazz or unique flavoring. The myriad sauces provide a strong supplement that enhances that flavor of the plentiful rice in the roast duck dish.
The overflowing free tea was a simple and helpful touch. The service was lightning fast and efficient, though the servers were no always able to communicate about the dishes the restaurant served.

At the same point, the meal for two (including tip and DC food tax) costs a reasonable fifteen dollars. Overall, the food was a fairly appropriate rendition of authentic Chinese food (e.g., the food did not have the cavity-producing sugary drivel that is far too common in American Chinese restaurants) in a pseudo “Chinatown” in Washington, D.C.

2.5 ninja stars. For a quick lunch in Chinatown/Judiciary Square/Union Station, this meal commands commendable value and taste

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