Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh No Not Assaggio

McLean, VA
Date: April 1, 2010

The mushroom and cauliflower and mushroom mix was a sour mess n that lacked sufficient contrasts to bland veggies. The sardines provided an un-artistic display of two whole fish, lacked any seasoning, and had an uncreative lettuce. The sardines were too salty and tasted almost as bad as it looked. Ninja would have had better sardines by buying sardines in a can at a local convenience or drug store.

The salad kept the pattern of bland, tired food with a parsimonious portions.

Part of the dessert almost redeemed the lack of quality. The cinnamon ice cream was almost divine, with the sweet cinnamon. The chocolate ice cream, however, lacked anything special and had an almost gooey texture.

As Ninja and Ninja's date, the Ninjette, had religious obligations, neither was able to sample the bread or pasta that the Italian restaurant served.

Also, service was outstanding even providing chocolate sauce when Ninja wanted some chocolate milk. Still, servers failed to recommend tasty food off the menu, either showing bad judgment and worse food.

Overall disappointing experience. Ninja would have had better food had Ninja had canned soup and ice cream. For a fraction of the price.

2.25 Ninja Stars

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