Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe's Burgers in Mclean, VA

For burgers, Joe's brought a simple burger to the next level. The huge burger truly seemed to be a half-pound of beef, with a hearty flavor enhanced with the special Joe's sauce. The burger had a thick, doughy roll with sufficient veggies a firm and thick tomato slice. I regret that I had put ketchup on the burger, which detracted and masked the bodacious burger.

The Chinese chicken salad, however, lacked any unique seasoning, just an anemic ginger dressing, lettuce and some soggy noodles. It's a shame to have such weak veggies in a salad with fresh chicken with perfect subtle seasoning and a smoky flavor.

The fries, while looking promising with green seasoning, were bland and greasy.

The music was boring, a small notch above muzak. We did appreciate the skins posters. .

For the carnivore, this food was almost superb, especially considering the relatively reasonable price in high rent neighborhood. If desire more than meat, this may not merit special consideration.

3.25 ninja stars

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